Guest Lectures, tutorials and key note speaking


The reality of dramatic socio-economic changes are currently unfolding across continents. What worked in the past is challenged or is affected by these challenges in virtually every country, business and community world wide. Answers and solutions which work to meet the challenges of the future, are sought in literally every walk of life. This reality is compelling institutions of learning, decision makers and strategic thinkers in business and society to take a fresh look at new, innovative ways that work as well as the people behind them. Developing the skills to lead, providing creative, alternative solutions to change and to set new trends in a fast changing world, is a path well-trodden by the founder of ARA and shared at invited guest lectures, tutorials and key note addresses.

A gifted, motivational speaker, Anthea has the ability to speak and confidently share an outcomes based, solution focused approach to change, with the ease of first hand experience both at corporate and community level. Anthea has spent most of her working life changing the status quo in politically hostile, partisan and fiercely protected business and social environments. Instead of inhibiting her, it honed her ability to survive and bring change in situations considered un-changeable and inspire people considered unreachable.

Anthea_Rossouw_SA_WorkshopManaging to enthuse her audience and take them on a journey through her life’s work, sharing the realities faced and creative solutions found, she brings a fun, down to earth, thought provoking and enlightening message of hope, resilience and forward thinking. Pioneering new ways to inform change of direction, where orthodox and the given just is not working, and a trend setter, Anthea and the many she has mentored, put challenges to work to drive and fuel innovation.

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