Who we work with

Our current clients and partners we work with include: Housing21, AmicusHorizon, East Sussex County Council, Virgin Holidays, and  the University of Brighton and Great Green Systems in the UK: as also the Consulate of the Dutch Kingdom and The Dreamcatcher Foundation in South Africa.

We are delighted to work with a number of outstanding firms and institutions, some of them are clients, others join us in partnership to work together on projects. Because our work is based in communities, the needs and circumstances of the community are important factors to take into consideration.  To ensure that our clients achieve the key aims and outcomes of the project or work we are engaged with, we thus hand pick our partners in term of their expertise and work ethic.

Our current clients and partners we work with include:

ARA  subscribes to the principles of Fairtrade, The UNESCO Bill of Human Rights and the principles of the 2000 Millennium Goals: We have a local community empowerment policy in place in terms of which we volunteer our time on projects which can benefit communities and assist people living in hard to reach communities to integrate positively into and enjoy quality of life in the town or region where they live and work. The founder of ARA has been a volunteer with the Dreamcatcher Foundation of South Africa which she founded 25 years ago, and where she continues to volunteer her skills and knowledge to make a difference. Anthea has also spent over 2000 hours volunteering in communities and at events across East – and West Sussex to raise awareness of the impact of waste and how to reduce it.

Visit the Dreamcatcher website at www.dreamcatchersouthafrica.com

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