Go truly Local – Cook-up with Kamamma


“To visit the Kamamma’s is an unique and unforgettable experience. Their warmth and the way they invite you into their homes is amazing. They show you how to make traditional dishes, but the best experience is to share dinner and talk about life. You will feel so welcome and so enriched after your vistit. I can really recommend to go!” 
Ilse-Marie Sobering, Managing Partner bij VivaLaVida Lifestyle.

Local enterprise innovation fuelling the local economy, harmony and benefiting local society

A Dreamcatcher Cook-up with Kamamma is a heart-warming, authentically local food experience which has grown into a full blown local enterprise, in welcoming surrounds in South African townships. Cook-up with Kamammas, can be found in communities on most or close to the main travel routes of South Africa. It is also a legally registered brand, which has been developed with Kamammas (Matriarchs) over a period of 20 years in communities across South Africa and 20 years on, based on sound social enterprise development principles and is still going strong. In fact its a duplicable model for sustainable local enterprise growth.

Stripped of ‘staged culture, CookUp with Kamamma and offers “A Taste of Reality” both literally and figuratively. It an interactive and heart warming lunch or dinner experience for the adventurous and socially discerning visitor, the “foodie” and family travellers. It is also a a facilitator of harmonious engagement between locals and visitors.

The Kamamma shares her lifestyle and traditions in an authentic home based setting as visitors join in and cook with her. This fun and participative experience usually lasts for 2 hours but stories are shared that some folk just cannot leave. It is that basic yet surprisingly invigorating to the soul (and appetite!).

Five stars

Anthea Rossouw - CookupWhat visitors can expect is five star welcome, five star cordiality; five star fresh soul food, cooked from scratch, just for them. There will not be a multitude of menu items. Rather the menu will depict the number of items authentic to the local lifestyle. However, second helpings if there are, are not charged for additionally! Stories true to life and times of today, yesterday and tomorrow are shared (in English mainly), but expect to learn a couple of local words in one of the 11 official languages along the way.

Your kitchen or dining table is not laid in state of the art cutlery and crockery, but the humbling yet proud offering you can expect home from home comforts. A usual tourist meal is turned into a 10 star welcoming experience with fun and laughter as part of the menu.

KamammaEsmeMovieDreamcatcher Cook-up Kamammas enterprises have re-imagined local experiences in South Africa, in their communities and in South African food industry in terms of authentic local experiences, The impact of food waste from their kitchens on the environment are carefully managed. Expect a smile that touches her eyes as she proudly shares how she manages her business and contributing to making a difference in her own community creating jobs locally themselves in an improved local society.. These attributes are the cornerstone of Dreamcatcher Kamamma and Brother development principles imbedded by the Project developer and founder of the CookUp with Kamamma social enterprise project. Surely this could be what Nelson Mandela had in mind for everyone in South Africa: to celebrate life as free, enterprising, contributors to a prosperous South Africa. Thats’ good isnt it?